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    What makes companies creative and competitive?

    An interdisciplinary approach and thinking outside the box are the recipes for success when it comes to working in the future.


    Working in the future

    Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain or Machine Learning are the terms of the moment. This is where growth is generated and developed. KTM Innovation GmbH is a technology consultant and developer with software expertise in these fields.

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    Selected projects

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    Digital retail solution

    Motorcycle dealers have to be customer oriented and efficient to stay ahead of the competition.

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    KTM Inno Camp

    KTM has developed an additional format to complement the hackathon: KTM Inno Camps.

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    A digital vision for the future

    Assessing the company’s degree of digital maturity and thereby defining a digital vision


    You. It’s your time.

    We are always looking for the best minds – focused on the future. Racing suits, not business suits. Short communication paths, not the long road to boredom.

    Careers at KTM

    Our employees are like our motorcycles: We don’t care about age, mileage or preferred terrain – the only thing that counts is the drive system. We are looking for employees who will work with us, think with us and share experiences with us.

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    Our teams operate on an on-going basis and are able to practice a continuous improvement in various fields such as DevOps, Tech Scouting and many more.

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    Five stages to success


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    Making data usable efficiently

    Tech Scouting

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    Enabling an efficient use of data

    Business Intelligence

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    Equipped for the digital present and future


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    A laboratory for innovations


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    Inno Camp #4