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    About us

    Working in the future.

    Industry 4.0, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain or Machine Learning are the terms of the moment. This is where growth is generated and developed. KTM Innovation GmbH is a technology consultant and a developer with expertise in software working in these fields.

    Good cooperation

    Digital solutions.

    Finding and developing digital solutions and services for KTM core products is the main focus of KTM Innovation.

    It is important to us that all affected employees are involved in this development process and that everyone’s potential is put to use. KTM Innovation is the point of contact and sparring partner for everything digital. This is how we work on the future together.

    An outside perspective.

    KTM Innovation applies an open innovation approach. This is a conscious step outside our comfort zone that will help us evaluate and apply new technologies in a new way.

    We bring in ideas and services from outside and collaborate with startups, technology experts and external partners. In the medium term, we are also planning to expand our capacities within the company.

    A test laboratory

    KTM Innovation is the test laboratory for the large technological transformation process of KTM. This is where new projects and business models are tried out with a high degree of freedom and a positive error culture.

    KTM Innovation GmbH will have its own innovation laboratory: Among other things, it will be focusing on solutions that expand the digital ecosystem around the vehicle. For an innovative departure into the future.

    Our team, a group of people who work together and trust each other.

    Alex Pierer

    Managing Director

    Walter Sieberer

    Managing Director

    Elisabeth Kneidinger

    Portfolio Manager Smart Commerce

    Simon Kern

    Digital Innovation Manager