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    Racing suits, not business suits. Short communication paths, not the long road to boredom. 100 percent, not the same old 9 to 5. Getting things done instead of getting bogged down in endless meetings. A chance to use your IQ instead of engaging in mindless tasks.

    We are one of the best. That’s why working here is the best.

    These are the positions we are looking to fill:

    Innovation Analyst / Controller

    Do you like to move between the detail and concept level? Do you have an enthusiasm for technology as well as an interest and understanding of data-based products and services? You like to get up close and personal with product and service innovations? Then you’ve come to the right place!

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    Devops and Process Engineer

    Do you have a passion to introduce methods, processes, tools around Continuous Deployment and lead the Continuous Integration for Mobile and Embedded development?

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    Software Architect

    You like to take responsibility for the software architecture for mobile applications and choose the perfect technologies for it?

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    Embedded Linux Engineer

    You are an expert in developing software for embedded Linux platforms? You develop YOCTO Recipies and maintain the build infrastructure.

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    IoT Specialist

    In this job you understand, analyse and work with a lot of vehicle data. You have profound technical experience and an eye for the transformative business impact of IOT.

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    We always welcome speculative applications.
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    Our employees

    stand for success

    Our employees are like our motorcycles: We don’t care about age, mileage or preferred terrain – the only thing that counts is the drive system. We are looking for employees who will work with us, think with us and share experiences with us.

    Simon Kern

    Programme Manager B2B

    Young. Modern. Dynamic. International. Innovative. I really enjoy working with these brands, being able to contribute with my wealth of ideas and perspectives and being involved in creative and experimental work.

    Andreas Kreiner

    Tech scouting Manager

    Our main job in the Tech Scouting department is to find new technologies anywhere in the world, to make us better, faster, more flexible and even save some costs. The goal is to inspire the whole company for new technologies, new processes and especially new ways of thinking. Today we are already working on tomorrows future.