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    Searching for new technologies and business models worldwide

    Tech Scouting

    KTM Innovation’s digitally supported scouting process is concerned with finding the best solutions from around the world. Searching for startups is one part of this process. The requirements of the KTM group help to preselect candidates for our search for innovative startups. By offering digital touchpoints such as hackathons, digital challenges or the KTM Inno Camps, we also give startups the chance to apply and submit projects themselves.

    Tech Scouting

    Ideas and projects put to the test.

    Our experts screen the submitted projects and suggest their favourites for our Inno Camps. The various ideas are structured and listed according to priority to ensure that the interdisciplinary collaboration during our hackathon or Inno Camp remains efficient and solution oriented.

    The projects are then evaluated by a jury and, if judged a success, they go on to the next stage: proof of values and concepts.

    All the way to implementation.

    If the presented project passes the proof of values and concepts stage and becomes a business case, it is either implemented as part of an internal product development project or set up as a spinoff.

    New Technologies